Read This
If You Sincerely
Like to Help People
Dear Chamber Exec,

      I understand that breakfasts, luncheons, after-hours, festivals, business expos, golf tournaments, and events of every kind are part of chamber world.

    But if you’re sincere about serving others, you have to make an impact on their lives so profound that it will last even after you’re gone. To make this kind of impact, you have to know what their biggest problems are. The things they complain about to their husbands or wives when they go home at night.

     Then provide real solutions to those problems.     

     I'm not suggesting that you drop all those other events. What I am suggesting is that you should include higher level, accredited, corporate training in the mix if you really want to help people. As Carmen Schramm, President and CEO of the Yankton, SD chamber said... "Focus more on quality of programs and less on quantity".

     Here's why.

    How many times has a member thanked you for saving their business? Or helping them get a $10,000 raise? Or profoundly changing their life in any other way?

     I hear it all the time.

     Rarely does a week go by that we don’t receive letters or emails from people telling us how Glenn’s work has changed their life, often in very deep, very personal, and very profound ways. A woman who attended his seminar at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, and another who attended at TCU in Ft. Worth swear that he kept them from committing suicide. He’s a cross between Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey and Dr. Phil.

     Read these 4 comments and you'll see why:
Dear Glenn,     

     I got the manager position!!! I said what you told me to say in the interview. Once I said that, the interviewer said "I don't need to ask you any more questions. You've got the
job." Excellent!  Also, the pay raise is awesome - $10,000.00! THANK YOU!!!

Heather Lee
Cedar Rapids Marriott
Cedar Rapids, IA
Dear Glenn,

     I had the opportunity to see Gary Molberg, President of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, at the chamber BBQ, and was telling him how important it is to a small business guy all the events he creates for our community. That lead to a very specific conversation that I am most appreciative he brought in your seminar. The seminar involved how to manage staff that has a wide variety of age differences.       
     I was explaining to Gary that in the past 3 years, I've had a complete turnover every 6 months until this last year, and four actual rehires, which has been hard on business. This last time I hired two young men in the 25 year old group and always very unsuccessful in the past.
     Since your very positive input on how these guys think, work and are communicated with, I have the best staff I've had in years. I explained to Gary how important it is for small businesses to have these kinds of seminars brought to Amarillo.
     If he brings you back for another round, I fully expect to be there. I have always been a huge fan of Zig Zigler and you do as good a job and maybe better from a manager/owner's perspective. I really feel it made a positive and productive impact on my business.

Ken McCartney
Ingrams Flooring
Amarillo, TX
Dear Glenn,

     My "introduction" to you was at your seminar in Scranton, PA. I found myself in a room with HR people and managers from corporations MUCH larger than mine.  There I was thinking, "What is the owner of a farm market doing in this room?" I felt out of place and was sure I "didn't belong".               
     But I found a seat and proceeded to "soak in" all that you had to say. Even someone with my limited background could understand and feel empowered by what you had to say. I came out feeling like I FINALLY had an idea of how to go about doing some of the things I should have been doing all along.             
     With no business background, I feel as though I have floundered around trying to make a go of a business that started with 1 part-time employee along with my husband and I, and now has grown to include up to 30.              
      I have spent countless hours in conferences, at seminars, reading books, etc., but your seminar was the best business education I have received. Thank you for helping this small-business person gain the confidence needed to make this a viable operation, and for relating to us in the small business world as well as in the corporate world.

Robin Peregrim
Miller's Orchards Farm Market
Clarks Summit, PA
Dear Glenn,          

       I found you at a turning point in my life. I am the General Manager of a Holiday Inn Express (for the past 12 years at the same property) and like all managers, have all the problems that go along with the job. I not only deal with my staff but also have the pleasure of dealing with the public.    
       At one point and time I wondered if this was actually what I wanted to do with my life. I loved my job, but I was letting my staff walk all over me. There was little respect, and I knew I had done it to myself.    
         Then I found you and have gotten my life back. My staff now has respect for me, and my family is happier because I'm not as stressed as I was.          
          As with any job, you will have your good days as well as the bad. You have helped make my bad days better. I have used what you  taught me to deal with various situations with the staff, and have caught myself dealing with problem customers with grace also.

Rhonda Blankenship
Holiday Inn Express
West Plains, MO
Can One Seminar Really Change People’s Lives?
    This one does.

    Here’s why.

    The top problems businesses face today are labor shortages and the skills gap. Finding enough good people to hire, then figuring out how to motivate and keep them. Understanding why Millennials think and act so differently than their Gen X and Baby Boomer elders, and how to manage them. (With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day for the next 15 years, those problems will get worse before they get better).

    Those are the problems Glenn's seminars solve.

    He's been in management for 32 years, and practices everything he preaches. He’s the best-selling author of 6 books on management, published in 5 languages, 13 DVD video programs, and 641 published articles.
Dear Glenn,     

     I attended your seminar at LSU Shreveport. You have the perfect mix of ethics and leadership.  Your Dr. Phil style of management has gotten inside my psyche, and I'm a much more confident – and happier – person now.     
    Thanks to you, I enjoy my job again and don't feel defeated and overwhelmed. My only regret is that I didn't find you 5 years ago.

Theresa Hunsicker 
Cornerstone Child Development
Bossier City, LA
“If I Book Another Event, My Staff Will Kill Me”
      I've actually heard chamber execs say that.
      I realize the last thing any chamber staff wants to do is work another event. But my response to those chamber execs is:

Who pays your salary?

A.  Your employees
B.  Your

     Chamber execs who think like that are out of touch with how for-profit businesses function.
As Glenn always says, “No matter what your job title is, you get paid to serve the customer.”

    The day you put yourself or your employees before your customers is the day you become one of those chamber execs who says one thing but does another.
       Can you imagine ordering a milkshake at McDonald’s, and having the manager say this?
“If I ask my employees to make another milkshake, they’re going to kill me.”
McDonald’s doesn't make excuses for not serving; they look for MORE ways to serve. That's why they ask this instead:
"Would you like fries with that shake?" 
         Serving customers is what McDonald’s employees signed up for when they took the job, just like serving your members is what every chamber exec and chamber staff member signs up for when they take the job.

     (We do understand that you want another event like you want another hole in your head, which is why we do 99% of the work for you.).

     If you’re not serving your customers in every way you can, as well as you can, you’re not being a good leader. Real leaders don't just talk about servant leadership, they actually practice it.
       If you want to see how Glenn practices what he preaches about serving others, look at his chamber exec jobs website (, which currently has 97 open chamber exec positions.  No one else was providing a national job board for chamber execs this comprehensive, so he built one and has continued to pay one of his own staff members to update it daily since 2011. It costs him nearly $20,000 a year, but he provides it for free to the chamber industry.

       Or look at his annual Excellence in Leadership Award at award/

    Why does he do these things? Because he believes in Servant Leadership and has practiced it ever since he became an Eagle Scout nearly 40 years ago. 
Dear Glenn,

      I attended your seminar a few years ago at the Prattville Chamber of Commerce. Your ability to interact with the audience and get them involved is the best I have seen including many Chamber Institute seminars.  Your presentation on leadership and management, especially on employee relations, is second to none.  I gleaned much from my attendance that I was able to take back to my organization and implement.
     On another note, I have to say that your advice to my daughter regarding resume preparation and submission was outstanding.  Your "Magic Bullet" technique definitely separated her from the pack and landed her dream job in her area of academic pursuit.  I am eternally thankful to you for the advice and mentoring you provided to my daughter.  For you to take the time to mentor her as busy as your schedule is says much about your commitment to people. 

Paul J. Redhead
Vice President, Administration
Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce
Montgomery, AL
This Changes Lives
     Enough said by me.

     The people who really count are the customers. The following are real life stories from people who’ve attended Glenn’s seminar at over 300 chambers and universities all over the United States. This is what you hear from people when you make a PROFOUND and LASTING impact on their lives.
Rebecca Johnson

Director of Continuing Education
Glenn Shepard Seminars, Inc.
Dear Glenn,      

     I originally went to your seminar as a last minute add-on. Since that time, I’ve attended a couple of seminars by 'nationally known providers" of management training where I was subjected to patronizing catchphrases that left me looking at my watch. Your seminar is now the gold standard by which we judge all other management training. Nothing else has even come close.           
      It's immediately useful, applicable, important information. And because of it, I now have a true A-team group that makes coming to work every day enjoyable again.

Milton L. Campbell 
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality 
Oklahoma City, OK
Dear Glenn,   
     A couple of years ago I was going through a rough time with one of my employees who wanted to partner with me, only to find out later that she was trying to take over my company.      
       Thanks to the great advice I got from you, I did not partner with her and that literally saved my company! I will be forever grateful for the sound advice I received from you 

Wendy Stafford 
Flight Attendant Express, LLC 
Orlando, FL
Dear Glenn,

     Thanks to your seminar at Binghamton University, I led my team and increased sales 25% this past year. As an employee for 18 years I had no management skills.  When I purchased the company I had worked for, I treaded water for 6 years.
     Now in my 7th year with a dose of your teaching, I am proof that anyone who uses your guidance can be a more successful manager.
     In short, increasing management skills = increased sales = more money. And everyone can use a little bit more money. Thanks Glenn!

Alex Kucera
Broome Steam Carpet Cleaning
Vestal, NY
Dear Glenn,

    The most valuable lesson I learned from your class was that I should not be expected to justify every direction I give. When I keep your "5 Magic Words" in mind while giving direction, I give direction with more authority and my staff actually gives me what I want. Thanks Glenn!

Lesa Shelton
Carbondale Towers
Carbondale, IL
Dear Glenn,

      I attended your seminar at the Dyersburg/Dyer County Chamber of Commerce. Since taking your course, I hung your Rules of Work in my office. I manage 5 employees and refer to Rule #1 (Raises are earned, not given) frequently.
     Production has increased and the work ethic has improved dramatically.  I also use it to remind myself. Thank You!

Mike Fry
Garage Manager
Dot Transportation, Inc.
Dyersburg, TN
Dear Glenn,

    I attended your seminar at the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce. Before attending, I was at the end of my rope dealing with office problems on what seemed like a daily basis. After, I had a whole new outlook on how I handled office situations. I used two of your methods the very next day!       
     Today our office is back on track and my stress level has been GREATLY reduced.

Julie Watkins
McDaniel Family Eye Care
Shelbyville, IN
Dear Glenn,

      Before attending your seminar, I felt like every day was a battle. By implementing your techniques and understanding Generation Y, we are now functioning as a productive team.

Deb Kilpatrick
Client Services Supervisor
Nashville, TN
Dear Glenn,      

     I attended your seminar at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. Last year I sent out 152 W-2’s. I was given a goal this year to have fewer than 100. Mind you I manage a restaurant where 80% of our employees are teenagers, so maintaining staff is difficult.       
       With your guidance, I had only 92 W-2’s this year, with 50 of them still employed. THANKS GLENN!

Melissa Hale
Ponderosa Steakhouse
Benton, KY
Dear Glenn,

     We attended your seminar at SUNY in Binghamton. In an industry where 200% turnover of hourly employees is considered excellent and 125% turnover of managers is average, ours has been 185% for hourly and 50% for managers for the past three years thanks to you.

Ken and Shelly Clark
Subway Franchisees
Horseheads, NY
Dear Glenn,

    I attended your seminar at the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. The most empowering statement I learned and have practiced repeatedly is your "5 Magic Words".
     It has taken some by surprise and has made the culprit have to dig deep to explain their words or actions. This phrase, when stated unemotionally but firmly, can turn almost any situation around. Thank you for a simple but powerful statement which yields incredible results!

Mary K. McReynolds
Area Manager
Burger King
Kingsport, TN
Dear Glenn,

     After attending your seminar in St. Louis, I've been able to understand the Millennials that I see as clients, as well as my millennial employees, much better.  
    Being a 60 year old Baby Boomer who believes that hard work can't be replaced by anything, you were able to convince me that the only solution wasn't a LOBOTOMY (for them or me) to have a happy productive work place.
    Generational work places seem to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome to have consistency, excellent customer service, and more than adequate employee-to-employee as well as employee-to-client communication. Thank You.

Mark C. Brown, DVM
Central Animal Hospital
St. Petersburg, FL
Dear Glenn,

       I attended your seminar at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. Let me tell you about the impact you have had on this medical practice. I’ve been in the workforce for many years and have been to umpteen seminars. Then I discovered you… someone who thinks like me, has my work ethic, and acknowledges the entitlement mentality of today's employees. You have answers -- real, workable answers, not just theories that don’t work in the real world.
     I got my boss hooked on you and even a couple of the physicians on the Board. Now THAT makes a difference! My boss even has been known to ask "Has Glenn written anything on that?" when we encounter a new dilemma. (Getting doctors to treat a practice like a business is difficult under the best circumstances).
     Remember the old commercial "When EF Hutton speaks, people listen"? When I mention GLENN SHEPARD, people listen.

Candace Dombrosky
Athens Pulmonary & Allergy
Athens, GA
Dear Glenn,

      I was starting to see a real rut come over my staff of five. No matter what I tried, I could not motivate them to display more interest and enthusiasm with the general public that we serve. I could see that they were just going thru the motions.
      Then I passed out your column "Your Raise Will Become Effective When You Become More Effective". I wanted to make the point that every customer they assist is an opportunity to stand out and be noticed by that customer, the boss, and THEMSELVES. That every organization is seeking star performers that go the extra mile and in harder times, companies can't afford to keep the employees that only ‘meet expectations’.
     Thanks to you, NOW they get it!

Eliza Valle

Taxpayer Assistance Dept.
San Benito, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the University of Wisconsin and have used your "Anger Curve" on more occasions than I can count - at work and at home. The concept is critical when we are working with the wide range of people we deal with.
     From the Incarcerated to the General Public, from Co-Workers to other agencies, from Employees to Supervisors; your chart helps to remember that emotions play a critical role in our reactions to a particular situation.
     Acting at the wrong time helps no one, and often times creates more problems. Thank you for the training and use of your information.

Jason Jost
Jail Administrator
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office
Manitowoc, WI
Dear Glenn,

      Since I attended your seminar at the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, I have begun to set more boundaries and have seen in the last few weeks a change in them for the better. Your "5 Magic Words" have helped so much - giving me a different way to approach an issue.
     Thanks for a breath of fresh air and not a bunch of bull.

Jasen Combs
Muncie Power Products, Inc.
Muncie, IN
Dear Glenn,

    I got two autographed copies of your Rules of Work poster and gave one to my daughter to hang in her office. I have adopted your Rules of Work because I'm sick and tired of this "Sense of Entitlement". Keep up the good work! 

Steve Gilbert 
Bedford Police Department 
Bedford, IN
Dear Glenn,

    I'm the assistant director at a nursery school and have 12 female employees.  We had lots of problems with gossip. After your seminar at North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City, I used your technique and it all stopped right away.
     I also have used your Warning System several times and let me tell you it has also helped with the disrespect and people just plain not doing their jobs. THANKS!!

Brenda Arnold
Children's Place Nursery School
Rochester, MN
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar with the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce. One of the most helpful things I learned was that when one of my team members tell me they're finished with a task, I ask them "Is this the best you can do?".  I generally get the best out of them.
    We have our days still, but it's getting better all of the time. I would come to another of your seminars in the future. There is a lot of good information that you had.

Jessica Giese
Pet Adoption and Animal Services
Harker Heights, TX
Dear Glenn,

      I appreciated your information on the differences between generations. Your comments about "Helicopter Moms" and what they are doing to kids today has become very relevant in dealing with the younger potential employees.
     You also helped me recognize and acknowledge my personal biases. I observed that I was hiring an older workforce because they offered what I thought I needed and this was causing me to leave the 18 to 30 year olds out because they interview so badly. I am adapting my approach so that my biases are less of an impact.
     This has not improved the work they do, but I know better how to motivate and attack the training. Thank You.

Joe Hines
Utility Superintendent
City of Harker Heights
Harker Heights, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I am a supervisor at a bank and I have a diverse group of female employees. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the 2 seminars I have attended. The most beneficial nugget is when you described the different generations and how they feel and think.
     It has helped me immensely and I frequently ask myself, "What would Glenn do in this situation?" More often than not, you get it right!
      So thank you sir for sharing your knowledge and making us willing learners, even if we didn’t intend to be.

Kris Hill, Supervisor
First Bank
Burkburnett, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the University of Arkansas Community College in Batesville. The thing that has helped me most has to do with the confrontation of difficult individuals by simply using the "5 Magic Words" you taught us.
     I'm a pastor and 99% of the time all is well. But on occasion I need clarification, and you helped me see that it was well within the scope of my position and power to ask for meaning from mystic musings woven into seemingly innocent conversation. It has been a real eye-opener.

Stefan Eubanks
Calvary Baptist Church 
Batesville, AR
Dear Glenn,      

      Seminary did little to prepare me for people management. Their focus is preparing pastors on Bible knowledge and presentation.             
     Your seminar was a great boost in helping do what pastors do a lot of, actually dealing with people, both staff and volunteers.

Andy Hostetler
Discovery Church
Cibolo, TX
Dear Glenn,

      We have quite a few younger supervisors, and were having a hard time getting them to understand the reasons for documenting and addressing THINGS.
    We sent 10 of our supervisors to your seminar at Saginaw Valley State University and they came back telling us what needed to be put in place. 
      You got through to them in one day what we had spent many hours going over with little effect!

Terry Schramm, PHR
Saginaw, MI
Dear Glenn,      

     I own a small solid waste removal business. A few years ago I was frustrated with employee turnover. About that time I received an advertisement that you would be in my area and I went to our seminar.  I applied your principles and my turnover rate has dramatically decreased.

Tony Lee 
Lee’s Trash Service 
Russellville, AR  
Dear Glenn,       

     I attended your seminar at Georgia Highlands Community College in Rome, GA. Using your techniques, we're now solving personnel problems without grievance and mediation procedures.          
    And utilizing one tip obtained from your seminar, we solved three personnel problems.   Great tip!

Linda Prater 
Cherokee County Schools 
Centre, AL
Dear Glenn,

      Your program is totally responsible for turning our office around. It's like a different place now. 

Ginger Bogle 
Community Hospices of America
Joplin, MO
Dear Glenn,

      I was new to management when I attended your seminar. Since then I've applied what you taught, and, boy, have things improved! I’m able to identify problem employees and take the necessary action. My life at the office has improved exponentially.

Chris Bowman
Operations Supervisor
Allied Waste Services of Dexter
Dexter, MO
Dear Glenn,

     I've used your whole course at some point. You opened my eyes to new ways to enforce the stops and to build a team. I highly recommend your seminar to anyone in a leadership role.  

Kevin T. Beach 
Binghamton, NY
Dear Glenn,
      I had recently been promoted to office manager and had no idea what I was doing; no management experience at all.  Two weeks later I took your seminar at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro and boy did I learn a lot! You take a no-nonsense, practical, common-sense approach on how to deal with people.         
     After doing this for a couple of years now, I have realized that employers have become so afraid of reproach from employees that we basically just let them ‘rule the roost’ instead of taking control of our workplace.     
     I have learned to keep issues from disrupting the whole office by using your techniques. What else can I say; you're the only reason I am still managing today.

Nora Gilgallon
Office Manager
Tennessee Ophthalmology Consultants
Brentwood, TN  
Dear Glenn,

     I've gone to many seminars. But in my 35+ years in banking, yours taught me more than I learned in the past. I only wish all of my managers could have attended.

Dyan Harden
Texas First Bank
Galveston, TX
Dear Glenn,      

      I am a fairly new director of a psychiatric department. After attending your seminar at the University of Pittsburgh, I have saved a lot of time answering questions presented by staff that I now see are inappropriate and am now able to respond as such.      
     This not only saves time, but helps to show I am in 'control' and provides more respect on both ends - myself and staff.

Jackie Shine-Dixon
Bradford Recovery Systems
Bradford, PA  
Dear Glenn,      

     You are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise-stagnant fog of dated ideas and failed buzzwords. I revel in your content, both for fresh ideas and validation of existing practices that have helped me survive 38 years in the automotive parts-manufacturing business.       
     Where so many look for the fast answer, your reliance on sound biblical principles backed by clear logic devoid of "opinion" keeps me coming back for more!     
     I use the ideas and concepts on a daily basis to improve the morale of my teams and promote self-analysis and introspection.    
     Thank you!!!

David K. Smith
Director, Environmental, Quality, Safety Systems
TransForm Automotive L.L.C.
Sterling Heights, MI
Dear Glenn,     

     I  had a chance to attend one of your seminars 2 years ago at the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce in South Dakota. Even though I don't manage people, I am part of the Leadership Team in our organization. Your insights and perspectives have been valuable to my success in dealing with different management styles I have experienced since that time. I also gained respect for my colleagues.

Jim Anderson
Environmental Engineer
Rapid City, SD
Dear Glenn,     

      I attended your seminar with the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce and found it very helpful. I have gotten a promotion since then and feel like a lot of what you teach has been a part of that.

Jim Reda
Bryan, TX
Dear Glenn,     

     I attended the seminar you held with the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce. I am very new to management, in a small company where there is little training. I know the industry well and feel I am very capable of being a good leader for this team. The first thing I did was put your "Rules of Work" poster up in my office. Everyone was in agreement of the points but I failed to see any change in them.      Very soon after I completed our operator's manual and had a staff meeting. I laid out all of my expectations and company requirements. I made it clear that we want to have a comfortable work environment but certain behaviors will not be tolerated. "Firm, Fair & Consistent." I learned that from you.     
      I have an employee that feels a sense of entitlement. Like, they are so needed by the company that we can't fire them. This is untrue. They hold a position that is difficult to fill with a replacement, but they are not above the law in my eyes.      |
      I am currently using your skills about documentation and recording bad behavior and attendance. Thank you for your time. I hope you are able to come back to New York  and I can see you again.

Shari McClearn
Safeco Alarms
Kingston, NY
Dear Glenn,     

     I attended your seminar at the Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce. It gave me the confidence to say the things that I personally have believed for years! I have your "Rules of Work" in my office and I have pointed to it on more than one occasion to validate my point.      
      I had the opportunity to use your "5 Magic Words" with a co-worker about an inappropriate comment he made. He has not had that attitude in my presence again. Thank you!

Christy Powell
J.J. Ferguson Sand & Gravel
Greenwood, MS
Dear Glenn,    

       After attending a program you presented at our state association, I instituted the concepts learned from you. The result was that we won Indiana Chamber of the Year due to a tremendous infusion of employee buy-in to our mission and culture.      
      It all comes down to treating staff as professional colleagues. Thanks so much for your guidance.

Rex G. Richards, CCE
Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce
Valparaiso, IN
Dear Glenn,

      My supervisor and I took your seminar at Augusta Sate University and I can't explain how much it has helped both of us grow as strong, confident bosses. I've used your name and examples on a weekly basis since completing your course.
      Whenever my supervisor is in doubt, I always ask her 'What did Glenn say to do about the situation?
     Before, I was starting to hate being the owner of a business. Now I still have my days, but you helped me realize that I am the BOSS, and I am the one in control.
Kelly Glazner
Kelly's Housewares, Inc.
Augusta, GA
Dear Glenn,      

     I attended your seminar at Saginaw Valley State University. Since applying your techniques, I've improved my employee satisfaction scores by 10%, and eliminated a lot of discontent among the whole group.   

Kris Iseler 
Quest Diagnostics 
Saginaw, MI
Dear Glenn,

      You helped me get back to being a leader, not a baby-sitter. 

Douglas LaRue 
Circle Auto Parts 
Midland, M
Dear Glenn,

      Since attending your seminar, I've changed my whole approach to hiring & firing. In short, I've grown a backbone.
    In my office hangs one of your quotes that I find so informative & entertaining: "Don't marry someone you intend to change, or hire people you intend to fix." I get so many comments on it.
     My company is also upgrading our evaluation process due to your views on that process.
    Thank you for making me a better, more decisive owner & making our organization stronger.

Finis E. Kelso
Taco Bell of West Plains
West Plains, MO
Dear Glenn,

     I attended one of your seminars many years ago. Two main points have always stuck with me: First, "Firm, Fair, and Consistent" has always resonated in my management style after attending your seminar.  An employee may not like a decision, but at least they can respect me for it.
      Secondly, I have learned by your example that it is ok to be firm with employees, without being stubborn. It is ok to have expectations, with understanding. It is ok to err and to be approachable. In short, it is ok to be HUMAN! Thank you!

Erica Hunt, Controller
Cass City Oil & Gas Co
Cass City, MI
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at Scottsbluff/Gering United Chamber of Commerce. As a new "manager" at an Orthodontic practice, I was feeling a myriad of emotions. Confrontation is my biggest fear, and I felt that fact would affect not only my job performance but the respect of my team members.
    After attending your seminar, I learned that being FAIR and CONSISTENT is priority, which is one of my stronger traits! So, it has become my "management" philosophy and has worked well. Thank you for all you do.

Kim Scripter
Webb Orthodontics
Scottsbluff, NE
Dear Glenn,

     When you talked about putting people on administrative leave it hit home. Specifically, you said that people shouldn't just be sent home as if they are on vacation, but should be required to return with a written plan that specifies what THEY will do to change the situation for the better. I have had the occasion to use your advice and it proved ENORMOUSLY beneficial.

Elizabeth D. Evans, Ph.D.
Associate VP for Academic Affairs
Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, MS
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar with the Yankton Chamber of Commerce at Mount Marty College and use the principles in my daily work. Also, my wife is the executive director at a nonprofit Domestic Violence center leading people and motivating & consoling victims. We regularly reference many topics covered in your seminar. I've personally attended three and she has attended one. Your "Rules of Work" hangs right behind my chair in my office in direct view of anybody that sits at the front of my desk.
    The instance that sticks out the most was dealing with a difficult employee's evaluation. This is "that" employee whose evaluation date  you remember clearer than your own Mother's Birthday, Your own Wedding Anniversary date, or Your own Social Security number... often prepping months before the eval is due to make sure the wording is flawless enough to both get a point across, and attempt to motivate at the same time.
     The typical evaluation for this position averages 30 minutes. This individual's averages 2.5 hours primarily due to constantly pointing out how wonderful they are at their job, how others cannot perform duties up to their meticulous level, and pointing out every growth opportunity defined as either pointless or already accomplished by their standard.
     After the evaluation was complete and the compensation information was covered, he refused to sign the evaluation because of the topics discussed. I used your method of "You don't have to sign the evaluation if you don't agree with it, I just need you to initial as a notice of receipt". He did so without hesitation and never questioned it after that. This same tactic was used when getting him to sign a revised job description, without hesitation he wouldn't sign it, but initialed it.
      I can't tell you how useful this tactic was due to the personality of the person involved, a "conspiracy theorist" to say the least, both inside and outside of work related topics.
      The other thing that really sticks out as a constant in my vocabulary since attending your seminars is your "5 Magic Words". I can't tell you how many times over the last 3 years I have used them and followed up with a conversation to correct and motivate an individual and again, had very positive results.
     I have over 10 years of management experience and at times have managed over 300 people and like to think I am very skilled at what I do. Even with the experience and knowledge I have, I still find a lot of purpose in your message and love your perspective on topics that are directly relatable to situations we deal with each day.
     You really do make a daily impact on my job and the performance of our company. You're helping not only me, but my employees be more valuable assets to the company we work for.   Thanks Glenn!

Alex Johnson
Machining Manager
Applied Engineering
Yankton, SD
Dear Glenn,

      I attended your seminar at the Clayton County Chamber-Commerce in Jonesboro. I am the City Manager over many people I worked under and beside for the last 15 years. Sometimes it is a challenge for a team of employees to make such a transition and know how to handle themselves in different roles.
      When a Department Head may have once been able to give me directives, now they must take directives from me. Where once a co-worker who loved to argue always took the opportunity to debate every little detail, now that same employee can contribute to the conversation but must understand when the debate is over, and my "say" prevails. Those transitions can be difficult and can sometimes cause bitterness and retaliation.
       Your seminar gave me clever tools to communicate effectively in a way that clearly reminds us who is at the top of the decision making hierarchy — without adding to the tug-of-war.
       I can't tell you how many times I have used your "5 Magic Words".  Fortunately, I had all my Department Heads attend your seminar with me and now when they hear me use that expression, they are taken back to your seminar when we learned that is a way to say "Watch It", which makes it even more effective.

Sylvia Redic
City Manager
City of Morrow
Morrow, GA
Dear Glenn,

     Your "5 Magic Words" have stuck with me and I've not only used them in the office but have shared them with multiple business owners as a way to handle just such a situation.
     Our attendees from your seminar continue to talk about what they learned and how they would send others from their organizations if we can lure you back.

Bob Haight
Cortland County Chamber of Commerce
Cortland, NY
Dear Glenn,

     When an employee would come to my office screaming, cussing, or refusing to do a task asked of them by a supervisor, I used to find myself getting angry and possibly even stooping to their level by pounding my fist on my desk and screaming right back.
     Since attending your seminar, now when I am in situations such as this I find myself holding up one hand and using your "5 Magic Words". Works 90% of the time!!    

Chuck Burke
SMI Co Pallets & Sawmill
Cresco, IA
Dear Glenn,

      I first met you two years ago. I had just received a mediocre evaluation and had been told that I should consider improving my leadership abilities. I felt my supervisor was in some respects more deficient at that time than I was because she had no knowledge, skills or abilities in the field I was in, but yet she was supervising me.
      But, I was determined to take steps to change the dynamics of this work relationship and maintain my professionalism. I decided that I would indulge in any opportunity possible to attend leadership training and seminars and apply what I learned. I was determined to be a better supervisor.
      I must admit I signed up for your seminar at the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce, not really expecting much except several hours away from work. However, you proved to be attention getting, engaging, comical, entertaining, but most of all resourceful, knowledgeable and motivational.
     I left that seminar wanting to wrap you up and put you in my pocket so that on my greatest and worst days I could draw upon your wisdom. But, instead I settled for a copy of "Glenn's Rules of Work".
     The following year the Chamber invited you back and of course I had to attend! This time I walked away motivated and with multiple copies of "Glenn's Rules of Work" and I posted them at each location that I supervise (4).
     The rules are a subtle, fun and easy way for employees to ask themselves; "do I do that?" There is always the question; "Who's Glenn?" You are right, Glenn; Work Isn't for Sissies!
      Sometimes a supervisor can't see the forest for the trees or becomes overwhelmed with the multiple situations that arise. You bring common sense back to supervising at any level and in any organization large or small. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Chief Sarah Rose
Director of Campus Police and Emergency Preparedness
Walters State Community College
Morristown, TN
Dear Glenn,

    I attended your seminar at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce about 4 years ago. I was just starting out as a manager of one of the largest bakeries here in Omaha. I was struggling with the different personalities that I manage. Your seminar has really helped me to identify each personality and how to better manage them.
     It has improved my skill set as a manager.  It also has taught me how to wrangle with the egos I work with to make my employees more efficient and productive.
     Thank You Glenn!!

Naomi Huerta
The Cake Gallery
Omaha, NE
Dear Glenn,

     We wrote our progressive discipline procedure based on the outline I learned at your seminar in Odessa. Thanks!

Frank E. Heslin, Jr., SVP
Director of Human Resources
West Texas State Bank
Midland, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. I am a warehouse supervisor and I have attended two of your seminars. I have used your techniques to help motivate all of my employees and I work diligently to not be what you called a "Monkey Dump". I also have your "Rules of Work" posted in my office as a reminder of what work is supposed to be. I have had many people come in and discuss each rule with me and even today I had someone take a picture of it to take back with them.
    I am also a Christian and I am proud to see others who are proud Christians too. Too many people will bend over backwards to attempt to please everyone. A person's true faith can't be negotiated. Trying to please everyone will end up with everyone being unhappy!
    Thanks for your words of wisdom and guidance.

Timothy Pike
Warehouse Area Lead
International Paper
Henderson, KY
Dear Glenn,

       I went to your seminar when you were not as famous! And I tell everyone I know about you and your workshops.
       Your insight and common sense approach helped me through several medical offices and a contractor for the state I lived in. Your approach helped me have the added confidence it took to tackle several positions others would not take.
      Keep up the great work!

MJ Blair
Savannah, GA
Dear Glenn,

     I am a 3rd generation Tool and Die shop owner. We are not a big shop but we do provide the opportunity to 15 or so families to make a living.
      I have your "Rules of Work" and also your "Rules of Customer Service" framed and posted in our lunch room for everyone to see on a daily basis. It is looking like there will be a 4th generation taking over our shop.
     I will encourage them to attend your seminar as they grow into the management positions to get the no nonsense straight forward approach to managing people and customers. Your approach has served me well over the years.
     Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Eric Thum
Brinks Machine
Alma, MI
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar with the London – Laurel County Chamber of Commerce and have used your advice on how to handle difficult employees several times. I see everything from the "I am sick" to the crying spells to convince me to let them off easy. I have been able to handle those situations so much more competently therefore cutting out the emotional drama that was going on daily.

Thank you so much,

Double Kwik
London, KY
Dear Glenn,

In over 30 years in management and 20 years in the Navy, you taught me better than any other.

David Boss
Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation
Decorah, IA
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the Stow - Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce and you helped me take the power back!  My employees had me tied around their little fingers.  I’m ready to be more assertive.

Camden Blumenschein
Dunkin Donuts
Stow, OH
Dear Glenn,

     I manage a 30 employee plant in a rural area and have been using your material for 2 years now. I'm proud to say that the last 2 years have been the best of my career.   
     We actually made it 13 consecutive months without terminating or have anyone quit which is a record for us.
     With your help we have now become the employer of choice in this area, and the safest, most efficient plant in our company. Thanks to you and your team for all your help!

Randy Jameson
Adorn LLC
Elkhart, IN
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the Humble Civic Center and Arena. One of the best pieces of advice from your seminar was "Always Be Interviewing" when meeting people anywhere I go.  This has been quite helpful when we needed to add employees.  We now have the best staff ever! Thank you for your motivation!!!  

Connie Chandler

Minuteman Press
Humble, TX  
Dear Glenn,

     Your seminars simplify valuable information so that our employees can use it immediately. It's exciting to see the "lights go on" in the eyes of both rookie and veteran employees alike when they realize that they can use your training to rise above mediocrity to be exceptional.

Dave Parshley
Director of Human Resources
Manna Enterprises, Inc.
Anniston, AL 
Dear Glenn,

     Since attending your seminar at Auburn University that started my path to becoming a more effective manager, I have applied many of the techniques I  learned. Just recently, I had to give a dreaded performance evaluation and I used your technique of letting the employee discuss the evaluation and she herself identified the areas that she needed to work on. We never had to say anything negative. We were able to play a positive role in helping her identify ways to resolve the problems and ways that we could help her. 
      You make so much sense and the things that I have learned have been so helpful. I feel that I am a stronger and a fairer manager and that I can more effectively handle situations as they come my way. I have five supervisors that work under me and I have shared the information that I learned with them. I am now seeing them utilize the material. You have made such a difference and have helped in more ways than I can name.

Tracie Schofield
Employers Claim Management, Inc.
Montgomery, AL
Dear Glenn,

      Your seminar was informative not only in helping me to manage my employees, but also in helping me determine the changes that I need to make personally to become a better supervisor.

Jeff Spires
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA  
Dear Glenn,

     I attended two of your seminars at Augusta State University and brought four of my managers. We've had a couple of employees who created some disruptive problems and we applied several of your principles to resolving the issues.
    We also changed our perspective on how to manage the department in regards to making sure that the atmosphere internally is one of "business", and not "one big happy family". This has made it easier to handle discipline problems when they occur.

Richard Harmon
CBO Building and Commercial Services Division
Evans, GA  
Dear Glenn,

     I sent our Associate Pastor to your seminar at Middle Georgia State University based on the learning I gained from you several years ago. He said the most intriguing part for him was learning the correct way to fire someone, even a volunteer.

Jarred Hammet
Northminster Presbyterian Church
Macon, GA  
Dear Glenn,

      I attended your seminar about 3 years ago. I was a stay at home mom for 15 years and re-entered the work force at a management level. Unsure that my management style was a bit dusty I was driven to update my skills.
     Your seminar gave me a boost of confidence and the knowledge that I still had the executive edge in the workforce. My staff truly benefited and they didn't even know it. Thanks, Glenn!

Kim Kappel
The Resource Center
Cartersville, GA
Dear Glenn,

     I attended 2 of your seminars. I have terminated 5 employees since then. I'm CEO of a 12 million dollar credit union with 6 full-time employees. The faster you pull the trigger on the terminations, the easier it goes.   
      Most all of the examples you used in this last seminar I have experienced in my 27 years of managing people. The one thing I have found to be MOST important is to always document and get the employees to sign everything. (polices, new rules/regulations, etc...) Once you have them sign when they are terminated, you have all you need to win wrongful claims for unemployment benefits.

Liz Gilmore, CEO
Members United Credit Union
Columbus, GA  
Dear Glenn,

Your seminar at the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce was EXCELLENT! We're already replacing unpaid suspension with a paid “decision making leave” you spoke about in the seminar. Thanks!

Mary McGrew
Litania Sports Group
Champaign, IL
Dear Glenn,

     I have to say I put lessons learned from your seminar to work hours after I returned to the office. Thanks for a great opportunity.

Mike Gibbons
First Presbyterian Church
Champaign, IL
Dear Glenn,

     The most valuable lesson I learned from your seminar was that I should not be expected to justify every direction I give. When I keep the phrase you gave me in mind while giving direction, I give it with more authority and my staff actually gives me what I want. Thanks Glenn!

Lesa Shelton
Carbondale Towers
Carbondale, IL  
Dear Glenn,

       After reading your most recent article about the definition of quitters, I was compelled to write. Despite 25 1/2 yrs of service to one company; being backstabbed, wrongfully accused of things that absolutely did not occur and believing that the only alternative left for me was to quit; I have learned that there is life afterward.
    I am now the budget manager for our county highway department and loving every minute of it. Up until this position became available a year ago, I thought that life in the work place would cease to exist for me. (I found while looking for a position that age discrimination is alive and well out in the world. It's hard to find anything at 53.) This position has given me a new lease on life and my plans are now; if health, mind and God allow, that I will retire from this job when the time comes.
     Keep up the great motivating that you do and thank you for your encouraging words, when I needed them most 2 1/2 yrs ago.

Robin Stackhouse
Valparaiso, IN
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce and love that we left with actual phrases to say and talking points to use!

Melinda McCormick
4C of Southern Indiana
Evansville, IN  
Dear Glenn,

     I knew going into your seminar at the University of Pittsburg that I had a few problem employees. What I didn't know is that the way I managed encouraged them to be problem employees. You helped me change the way I manage so I can better deal with my staff... from dress codes to where to find good employees, you hit every nail right on the head.
Dale Ver Voort
Bradford, PA   
Dear Glenn,

      I attended your seminar at the SBDC at Sam Houston State University. I was team leader of two contract employees who work for another employer but report to me as the client. One of them handed me a time card charging for 9-hour days when I knew she barely had enough work for an 8-hour day. I was hesitant to say anything because she was such a good worker, but knew that I had to.
     So I asked myself, ‘What would Glenn do?’ The answer was ‘He would be Firm, Fair, and Consistent’. I calmly asked what hours she was working. She went into a major hissy fit, screaming and waving her arms like Miss Piggy of the Muppets. She revised her timecard reducing all 9 hour days to 8 hours, and resigned. The result was that I got a reputation of being a tough person to work for, and it was great. If people think you’re tough, they treat you with enough respect that you don't actually have to be a hard person to work for. You can be nice and they still don't push the limit.
Michelle Fricke
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Houston, TX    
Dear Glenn,

     This is 4th time attending your seminar! You have EMPOWERED me to be a better person. I brought two young managers with me this time so that they can learn from you too.

Lisa Jackman
Family Crisis Center
Lufkin, TX    
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at TCU (Texas Christian University). Your candid approach to everyday issues faced by management got us 'back to the basics.' Thanks to your straightforward approach, we had the confidence to deal with several critical issues and have since strengthened our team.
     If more people in Corporate America took your advice, we would have much more productive business operations in our country.

Susan McCoun
Canon USA
Ft. Worth, TX    
Dear Glenn,

    After attending your seminar with three of our employees, there was a marked improvement in morale for our small company, and your personal advice to me on a problem that I had has made me a better manager. I HIGHLY recommend your seminar!
George Lomas
Regimental Quartermaster, Inc.
Gettysburg, PA
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. Usually it's tough to stay awake during these seminars. But not this one. Since that time, the attitudes of our employees and their production at our store have improved noticeably - maybe even in some cases drastically. I recommend your seminars to anyone who manages people.

Steve Travis
Green Country Cycle City
Broken Arrow, OK   
Dear Glenn,

     I had a hard time getting my boss, a doctor, to back me up on some difficult staffing problems. After attending your seminar at Miami University, he realized that we indeed needed to make some changes. That being firm with lazy people, making others earn their paycheck, and being on time to work were not such bad things.
     I highly recommend your seminar to any manager who’s having problems getting their boss on board!

Linda Bean
Dermatology Laser Surgery Center
Centerville, OH   
Dear Glenn,

     Since our company has been using your philosophies and tools in training sessions, we have noticed much better communication amongst departments and a happier work environment.  

Jason T. Tucker
Dimar Manufacturing
Clarence, NY    
Dear Glenn,

     I’m a faithful fan of yours and love the fact that you speak to the heart of the matter. My husband is the Director of Public Works in Brick, New Jersey. When he was appointed 7 months ago, he asked if I had any phrases that could describe how he wanted the men to view his style of leadership.
     I'm a calligrapher, so I created two - both from your pearls of wisdom. The first is your ‘Firm, Fair and Consistent’, which hangs behind his head, and the second is "No Whining!"
     My husband is always striving for the first, and makes sure the men adhere to the second. Respect on both sides of the desk has definitely increased. The men know what’s expected of them and what they will receive in return. You have made such an impact.
Vieno Wurret
Children's Specialized Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ   
Dear Glenn,

      I have used several things from your seminar. I changed several policies and added some new ones to our policy manual. Also, I just hired a new employee and I used your suggestion to have an employee be a mentor for the new employee and things are working out great. I keep notes from my training on my desk and refer to them a couple of times a week. Thank you so much for the great information.  

Michelle Morris
Polk County Health Center
Bolivar, MO
Dear Glenn,

    I was able to get a lot out of your seminar and was able to get rid of a lot of problems. But most of all, it showed me that I was going in the wrong direction with company. With the personnel problems everyone was having, we down sized and it runs much smoother and is a whole lot easier on me.  

David Miller
Miller Investigative Group
Columbia, MO
Dear Glenn,

     Since attending your seminar at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, we've slashed our annual turnover rate by 99% -- terminating only three employees in the last three years. Your methods WORK!

Jean Leonard
Pecanland U-Pak-It
Monroe, LA   
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at LSU. The thing he helped me with the most was the dress code. Our dress code was very simple, as we had always had people that dressed professional. However, as casual wear became more popular and we started hiring younger people we had a problem with too much skin showing, tattoos, etc.  
       You gave me ideas and also gave me some websites to go to get some more ideas and we came up with a great Dress Code including pictures (your suggestion). We no longer have a problem with our dress code! No misunderstandings - everyone looks more professional now.

Melba Rittenberry, CIC, CPIW
McClure, Bomar & Harris, LLC
Shreveport, LA    
Dear Glenn,

     As a result of attending your seminar, I have improved my management skills, become more assertive, and let my expectations be known. I no longer allow small infractions slide to the point where I almost lose control of my unit. I enjoy your newsletter have forwarded them to my boss. Your seminars are definitely worth attending!

Nancy Brandel, RN
Pauline Faulk Centre Behavioral Health Unit
Rayne, LA
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at Paducah Community College. I started at the bottom and climbed the ladder where I am now plant manager. You really helped with dealing with my employees, and how to deal with my boss. Everything you taught is something I needed to learn.

Heidi James
Plant Manager
Image Graphics
Paducah, KY    
Dear Glenn,

      I manage the cook and cleaning lady at this sorority. It is hard to keep help because of low pay/type of job. I attended your seminar t Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids and not only use your suggestions for hiring, but also in my everyday life. I read everything from you and find everything to be VERY helpful. Please don't stop!

Jo Fischer
Pi Beta Phi
University of Iowa Campus
Iowa City, IA    
Dear Glenn,

      I was completely frustrated with one employee who did a great job but had a very bad attitude. I went to your seminar at TCU in order to find out how to legally fire him. But with the tools you taught us, I was able to turn the employee around. He's a much better employee due to the fact that you showed me how to be a much better manager.
Penny Hontz
Mid-Cities Air Conditioning
Ft. Worth, TX
Dear Glenn,

      Thank You so very much! Every time I fire an employee, I feel like the ultimate loser and reevaluate myself as a leader. You have given me HOPE Glenn!
Tamara Hargett, RD, LD, CDE
San Angelo, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I drove 100 miles from Tyler, TX to attend your seminar at LSU in Shreveport. Since then, I have gotten rid of my problem employee. Your "Anger Curve" worked like a charm. She got all worked up and "spewed," and I let her. Also, your "Big Dog Effect", when it is OK to walk away from a losing battle and go for the ones you can win! The seminar was well worth my time and money!
Cindy Holland
Cindy's Creative Cakes & Catering
Tyler, TX
Dear Glenn,

     I attended your seminar at Texas State University and used your information to make critical decisions that brought AWESOME outcomes for the company and the workplace. The working environment is A LOT better after your techniques were applied.
Jean Romeu
City of San Marcos
San Marcos, TX
Dear Glenn,

      I was fortunate enough to attend your seminar, where I got your Rules of Work poster. I brought it to our next meeting of managers and quickly the ten rules were copied and prominently displayed on everyone's desk. Your mantra that “Raises are earned, not given” has become part of our everyday parlance. The price of the seminar has now become the best value our company has ever invested in. Many thanks!!!
Michael Duesterbeck
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Milwaukee, WI
Dear Glenn,

     I’m a young professional who had a hard time gaining respect as an office manager of a staff that’s o
lder than me. After attending your seminar at the University of Wisconsin in Waukesha, I learned that I need to be ‘Firm, Fair & Consistent’ in all I do. Ever since I have applied your method, I have respect from my staff and our office runs much more efficiently.

Ashley Vitale
Gatzke & Ruppelt, Attorneys at Law
Milwaukee, WI
Dear Glenn,

      You showed me that it is not only okay but very important to be firm yet consistent when dealing with complications and struggles in running a business, and being a woman in a field that is male dominated.

Kira Burns
Vice President
David Burns Plumbing
Milwaukee, WI
Dear Glenn,

      I used to let employees walk all over me, until I met you.

Randy Kerkman
City of Bristol
Bristol, WI
Dear Glenn,

After attending your seminar at the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, I feel like I'm on the right track to hire, fire, and train employees. Thanks Glenn!

Fernando Gonzalez
Plates on the Square
Carrollton, GA
Dear Glenn,

     I went to your seminar in Des Moines and was not sure that I would be able to use the information in a medical setting....Wrong! I use your material as a reference every week or more and when I receive your newsletter, it is usually pertinent to a situation going on and has made sense and made me know that I'm on the right track!
     Our yearly evaluations of employees this year was a new group of staff for me. I used your guidelines for asking 'The Three Questions' to the employees. I received useful feedback and they expressed they appreciated me taking the time to ask.  

Mary Jane Blair, RN
Family Medicine of Urbandale
Urbandale, IA
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